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i did a screenshot redraw…. ish…. 

track name: daze
artist: そらる
play count: 22868
daze - soraru
original - jin feat. MARiA (mekakucity actors OP)
The Rainy Group ▷



Arata: When it’s about Rainy, it was only Moment, huh.

Rui: Yeah.

Arata: This time we also have Days now so it became lively.

Rui: Yeah.

Arata: Let’s do our best as the Rainy group.

Aoi: Making a new team without permission again, huh. (Laughs)

Rui: Your outfits… it looks like…


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 1-4 volumes undercover edits.

A Dream-Come-True Monkey Hand III - A Rumor From Somewhere (Pages 204 - 210)


Part 3 of the A Dream-Come-True Monkey Hand chapter from the Shuuen no Shiori 2 novel.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Novel 2 Masterpost

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Anonymous whispered: Can you tell me where I can watch Mekakucity Actors?


Sure thing! Decided to add few more things, considering there are a lot of people that may have never use NND in their life before.


  1. The official NND channel for the anime is here.
  2. The first episode here, and the second episode here.

What you need

  1. NND account. You should be able to find it easily on the main page, and the guide is written in English, don’t worry!
  2. Unblocker. The stream is region locked, so you definitely will need one.
  3. Good internet and patience. There’s really big chances you’ll be kicked out from the livestream, so yes, a patience is needed.

What you might need

  1. How to change your language setting on NND
  2. How to get an unblocker (works better with Google Chrome)
  3. How to timeshift nama—wait, what is a timeshift?! (look below, #3 for explanation) : Just click on the yellow button around the top of the livestream page, before the livestream start. If you did it after it started, it’s only available for premium members.
  4. How to turn off the comment setting so you don’t have to see those flying comments

What you need to know

  1. NND system is really different from YouTube, especially on livestreams. If you commented in the comment box, there’s a comment section, but not only appearing there, it’ll appear right on the screen too. It’s going to look pretty much like this, but since it’s anime livestream from a series with fans that have been waiting for 2 years for it, please imagine something around probably 100 times crazier than that. Your comment will be inside a yellow-lined box. You’re going to be anonymous too, so don’t worry about using weird username.
  2. Since there’s going to be a lot of people, and therefore, there will be a lot of comments, your comment will appear later, usually around 5 ~ 10 seconds after you hit enter.
  3. In NND, for broadcast, there’s a timeshift system, where if there’s a live stream, you can “save” it and watch it at other time. If the holder of the live stream allows you to timeshift, you can timeshift it. Mekakucity Actors anime live stream allowed timeshift, so don’t worry!
  4. Be polite! This supposed to be for Japanese-only, so please, be polite.
  5. By being “polite”, that means basically this (yes, most people might turn off their comment setting so they don’t have to see it, but I know there are people tends to keep the comments there.) :-Do NOT comment random / too long in language beside Japanese. Don’t even think about commenting something rude.
    -Do NOT bother people by spamming there. Before the anime start, it might be okay, but once it started airing, don’t.
    -Do NOT comment with spoiler, in whatever language it is. That’s rude, and there are new people watching it too.
    -Yes, there will be time when a character appeared and everyone go “OOO” and spamming the character’s name, but please do not comment stuff like, “where is [enter name]?” “i want to see [enter name]” and stuffs like that.
    —I don’t know with Japanese fans but really, let’s just stay as good, obedient & polite overseas fans.
  6. Japanese slang : If you don’t understand Japanese,there will only be 2 things you can read from the comment, so I’ll going to explain those two only.
    -You’ll see people spammed with “w” a lot. It’s Japanese equivalent of “lol”, and I think the origin isn’t really important, so I won’t explain that.
    -You’ll also see people spammed with “8” a lot, nearing the beginning and the end of the stream. It’s equivalent as clapping your hand loudly. I won’t explain the origin of this either.
  7. Nearing the end of the livestream, there might be a poll, it’ll look like this (but usually with less option, usually just 4 options). Usually it will ask you how good the stream was, 1 usually is “good” and 4 is “bad”. People might comment with number, and it’s, in a way is convincing everyone to pick the same one as they pick. The duration maybe is around a minute, and they will announce the result right after that.

EDIT : In case you didn’t want to go through all that problem, Jaylene will hold a livestream too! Much more easier and simpler. Everyone go thank her and send her a Kano.


i finished the game last year but i never drew it


Success, a short comic about following your dreams

(made in celebration of my Facebook page reaching 100K Likes)



the other day i remembered that yaranaika faces existed and i had to make a photoshop with them

I’m reblogging this just for you kurohelios
just because we never stop making these kind of jokes